Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer = CP Universe!

Hey guys! So, on my last post, I said this blog would return in a week or two, and it's been over a month. I thought I had typed that it would return once school is put for me, but I checked today, and I realized it said something else. So this post is just to confirm the date regular posts will be returning. So, like I just said, that will be when school is out. On that day, Tuesday June 16 (so like 3 days from now) I'll make a post saying that this blog is returning, (there will also be a video on the same day on my YouTube channel) and the first CP Update post will be that Thursday, and I'll make updates posts every Thursday. If I don't do it on Thursdays, it means I was busy that day, and I'll either make a post in advance telling you guys when I can't post that week, or I'll post the update on the next day. So that's how this summer's gonna work on this site, and I hope to continue the same schedule in the next school year, but with there being more work each year of school we could run into complications. Thank you so much if you read to the end of this blog post, it shows that you really do care, and I'll see you all on Tuesday!
~CP Power