Thursday, January 29, 2015

Updates for January 29, 2015-More Imperial Times & War Over!

Hey guys, CP Power here! Man, I'm glad I can say that freely again. Thanks to all of you guys, the Inquisitor is defeated, yet for some reason is still in charge around here. That's why the new Newspaper is still called the Imperial Times. Here's the latest issue:
Um...They're a bit late with this news, 'cuz we already saved him. Whatever.
But again guys, thanks so much for helping defeat the Empire. We've saved Club Penguin. Now I can walk my puffle knowing that I won't get attacked. Kanan says the island should return to normal and all Imperials and Rebels will be gone by February 4, which is good, because I can't stand calling it "Imperial Times" anymore. Thanks guys, you all helped out a bunch.
Thanks from me & my puffle, Christal! :)
That's all for now guys, I'll see you all later! Bye!
~CP Power