Thursday, January 22, 2015

Updates for January 22, 2015-SW: Rebels Party, Imperial Times, & More!

Hey everyone, Trooper #226 here. If you are part of the Imperial Government or working for them, please note that this is simply a blog post giving thoughts on the latest issue of the Imperial Times. There is no need to continue reading.

Hello people! Here is the latest issue of the Imperial Times:
Have you seen any of these Rebels?
That is basically all I have to say for this week's post. Goodbye, citizens.
-Storm Trooper #226


...You still here guys? Nice! That means the Empire hasn't brainwashed you yet! That's awesome, because that means that you guys can join the Rebellion! We need your help to save Club Penguin Island from Imperial Forces! It's CP Power, by the way. I was just going undercover. I've already signed up, and when you do, talk to Kanan, and he'll tell you to speak with the other members of the Rebellion. First up, you'll go to Sabine. She'll ask you to spray paint the Rebels logo over all the Imperial posters. Once you do, you can get her spray paint and outfit.
Nice! I need to learn better spray painting skills, though.
After that, go talk to Ezra, one of the newest recruits. He wants you to take the fruit supply from the Empire. Otherwise, we Rebels would have nothing to eat! Once you get that done, in return you can get a wristband and Ezra's outfit.
Good thing we were able to get that food!
Until January 24, there's not much to do to help out the Rebellion. I'll check back with you guys later, but to keep any Imperial people from seeing these posts, I may have to change the title of this blog temporarily or something like that. But anyways, one final note for you guys. Here's an image of the current map of Club Penguin Island:
Most of the island has already been taken over by Imperial Forces!
That's all for today. I'll see you all next time! Bye guys!
~CP Power