Friday, January 23, 2015

Random Update

Hello, and welcome to another post on the Imperial Blog. I am Trooper #266, and there isn't much to talk about today, just that our guard towers have been destroyed and the Inquisitor wants Troopers 13, 466, 786, & 347 to fix them up. That is all for now. Have a good day citizens.
-Trooper #266


Hey guys! Hopefully you're still around. I just want to tell you about the next quests for Zeb and Hera. Zeb wants you to use snowballs to take out the 4 guard towers on the island.
For doing this, you can get his costume and a Rebel Flag.
Next, talk to Hera. She will ask you to get 8 different droid parts scattered around the island. Who knows why she'll need those?
In return, you receive her costume and a blowtorch.
Also guys, I wanted to tell you about a secret room on the map, where you can actually travel out into space! Simply click on the night sky in the map, and you'll be taken into outer space! Just make sure you have a spacesuit on!
Oh no! What am I gonna do?
I changed the name of the blog to stay undercover, but I think the Empire is starting to become smart enough to scroll down. So on January 25, I'm gonna talk to Kanan and I'll get my own lightsaber. The final battle against the Inquisitor is coming, and I have a sick feeling that I'll have to be the one to face him...
But anyways guys, I'll see you all later! Bye!
~CP Power