Thursday, January 8, 2015

Coins For Change 2014 Resluts! 26 BILLION! Real or Fake Amount?

Hey guys! CP Power here! So a few weeks ago, I made a video of me donating my coins to Coins For Change. And I'm extremely glad to say that the results are in, and we donated 26 BILLION coins! :D 

This is an extreme new record by FAR, with the previous one being only 2 million. But the large number has some people questioning if this is legitimate number, or if Spike Hike made up that number to beat the world record for most donations to a charity. I honestly don't agree with this. I mean think about it; there are around 2.5 million players, and with each player donating a couple thousand coins, and some players like me donating tens of thousands of coins, that adds up to quite a lot of coins, easily reaching the billions. But there's one last thing to take into consideration, and probably the most crucial piece of evidence: Coins don't translate into US dollars. Each Club Penguin coin is worth a tenth of a penny, so 26 billion coins is not only an easy goal with the amount of players, but also a reasonable amount of money. But no matter if it's real or fake, it doesn't matter because we all donated to a charity. I just wanted to talk about this with you guys. See you later!

~CP Power