Saturday, January 24, 2015

ATTENTION PENGUINS: We Are At War!-Battle Plan!

Hello, it is me, Trooper #226, and today- Y'know what? It's not even worth trying to pretend anymore. This is CP Universe, I am CP Power, and I am part of the Rebellion. Imperial Forces saw right through my faking, even after I switched the blog title. Fellow penguins, we are at war. After all the vandalizing, robbing, destroying, and yet more robbing, the Empire has struck back at the Rebellion in the worst way possible. Imperials are holding our leader, Kanan, captive in the prison ship. Which can only mean one thing- We need to get our leader back and defeat the Inquisitor once and for all. The mission will be dangerous, but I have planned out a strategy for this. First off, you will have to sneak onto the prison ship, which shouldn't be too hard. But then, get into the main room and you should see Kanan imprisoned behind glass. It is next to impossible to get in there without setting off an alarm, so there's no use trying. Your only option is to fight off all the storm troopers that will try to blast you down.
This shouldn't be too hard, they all have horrible aim, and will miss you 99.999999% of the time.
Once you have taken out all of the troopers, Kanan will be freed from his cage automatically, and he will have an escape route out of the ship.
You're free, Kanan! :D
He will reward you with a lightsaber, but you're not ready to challenge the Inquisitor just yet. You need to train with other penguins by having small duels with them. This works similarly to the Pirate Party we had a few months back. Eventually, you can get rewards for doing training, including new lightsabers.
My favorite is probably the dual-wielding lightsaber!
Once you collect all the prizes, you are finally trained well enough to take on the Inquisitor. Head back to the prison ship, and you will find that there are no more storm troopers, but Kanan is once again trapped. This time, the Inquisitor himself will be awaiting you, ready for a duel.
His greatest weakness is his arrogance. He thinks it will be super easy to beat you, but a few good swings of a saber and he's going down!
If you are able to win the battle and defeat the Inquisitor, you will get his lightsaber, and his outfit as well! But I wouldn't advise putting that outfit on, because Rebels might thing you're the real Inquisitor and attack you. That wouldn't be good.

That is the plan, my fellow penguins. Follow these instructions, and you should be able to defeat the Empire once and for all and save Club Penguin Island! For the next few days, up until February 4, citizens of Club Penguin will be working on getting rid of all Imperial posters, guard towers, etc. and getting the Island back to it's original state. That's a shame, because Javva The Hutt makes an epic espresso. But anyways guys, that's all I have for today, and my experience doing this will be up on my YouTube channel as a video on Tuesday if you'd like a video tutorial rather than a bunch of text and pictures. Anyways, I'll see you all later, bye!
~CP Power