Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Return of CP Universe! :D

After exactly 101 days of silence...CP Universe has returned.

Hey everyone, CP Power here! That's right, I'm back and better than ever. CP Universe is back and better than ever, I should say. But anyways, yes, this blog is back. I will be doing Updates posts again, right here, and as you might be able to tell, a few things have changed here (I'm talking about how the blog looks; background, font, etc.). Anyways, to start things off, I think I'll do another Awesome Club Penguiner Award. This one goes out to...
Who is this person, you may ask? Well, Iceyfeet1234 created the CP Army Ice Warriors of CP! This is one of the greatest CP Armies, and the best part-I'm in it! If you follow my YouTube channel, you'd know I already did a video on this, but now I'm gonna do a blog post right now with this ACPA. Here ya go, Iceyfeet1234:
Thanks for creating this awesome CP Army :)
Here's the link to the Ice Warriors official website: Ice Warriors of CP

Anyways guys, It's great to be back, and I'll see you guys in the next post. Bye!
~CP Power