Thursday, June 12, 2014

Updates: June 12, 2014 | Graduation, Prom, soccer, & more!

Hey everyone! Here are the updates for June 12, 2014!

Update #1- Club Penguin Times Issue #451!
CPSN, Ask Franky, & Rockhopper's Ship Talk!
Update #2- EPF Message from Gary!
I bet CP Power 18.6 could recognize those parts super easily!
Update #3- CPU Prom & Graduation!

Took a ride in the limo to go to...
The Prom and the Graduation Ceremony where I get my diploma!
Update #4-Furniture & Igloo Catalog June 2014!
Get ready for the Penguin Cup with all the equipment in the new catalog!
Update #5-New Igloo Music!
You know what that means-Episode 3 of ACPM! *And yes, Penguin Cup Anthem might be in the episode (let's keep this between us, ok?).
Update #6-Stadium getting ready for the big game!
Yep, I'm playing for the Sharks this year. You're going DOWN, Hot Sauce!
Anyways, that's it for this week's updates. Now I have a few words for some people in the CP community right now.
To the Sharks-Guys, we can totally win this! Train as much as you can in the next week!
To CPU students-Find a date for Prom, and happy graduation!
To CPSN reporters-Anyone want to interview me?
To Gary-If you open up the Time Portal, I can get CP Power 18.6 to analyze those parts.
To Hot Sauce, Space Squids, and Fluffies-Get ready to taste defeat!

Anyways, stay tuned to my channel for the next Awesome CP Music! Bye guys!
-CP Power