Sunday, June 29, 2014

Penguin Cup & Sajo8! | Minor Updates for 6/29/14

Hey everyone! Today I have some minor updates, with amazing news, kinda disappointing news, and awesome news! So first off we have the amazing/kinda disappointing news. The Penguin Cup is over. AND SHARKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!! (this is the amazing news) After all the games, working our hardest, trying our best, and putting in good sportsmanship, we finally are the winners of the first annual Penguin Cup!
The whole island has been cover with Team Sharks banners to celebrate the big win! And everyone on Team Sharks gets a Penguin Cup trophy! I don't know if you can see it, but I'm holding it!
The kind of disappointing news is that Space Squids came in last. I was expecting them to get 3rd, I wanted them to get 3rd since the moment I first logged in on this party, but Megg's team just wasn't scoring enough (hardly even showing up to games). But anyways, since we won, the Team Sharks trophy shelf finally has every single trophy for every annual sports event on CP! That one's going on the shelf!
Aw man! No room left on the shelf! Where do I put it now?
Oh and before we move onto the awesome news, here the final scores for the Penguin Cup:
As you can see, Sharks won by quite a bit. 181 million???
And now onto the awesome news. And that is the Awesome Club Penguiner Award being given to Sajo8! Sajo8 has a YouTube channel for Club Penguin, a blog for CP, and is an author on many other Club Penguin blogs! He is an all-around awesome guy, so why not give this award to him? Oh wait, did I mention he just recently hit 1,000 pageviews on his blog? It's true! Here you go, Sajo8!
*All the links to his pages are right below this text.
His YouTube channel: Sajo8 in CP
His Blog: Sajo8 in CP
Waddles26813's Wonderful Cheats for CP (he's an author): Waddles26813
CP Fashion and Furniture (he's an author): CP Fashion & Furniture

See how many sites he's contributed to? This is why I just HAD to give him the award. Anyways, that's all the updates for today. Waddle On!
-CP Power