Sunday, June 29, 2014

Penguin Cup & Sajo8! | Minor Updates for 6/29/14

Hey everyone! Today I have some minor updates, with amazing news, kinda disappointing news, and awesome news! So first off we have the amazing/kinda disappointing news. The Penguin Cup is over. AND SHARKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!! (this is the amazing news) After all the games, working our hardest, trying our best, and putting in good sportsmanship, we finally are the winners of the first annual Penguin Cup!
The whole island has been cover with Team Sharks banners to celebrate the big win! And everyone on Team Sharks gets a Penguin Cup trophy! I don't know if you can see it, but I'm holding it!
The kind of disappointing news is that Space Squids came in last. I was expecting them to get 3rd, I wanted them to get 3rd since the moment I first logged in on this party, but Megg's team just wasn't scoring enough (hardly even showing up to games). But anyways, since we won, the Team Sharks trophy shelf finally has every single trophy for every annual sports event on CP! That one's going on the shelf!
Aw man! No room left on the shelf! Where do I put it now?
Oh and before we move onto the awesome news, here the final scores for the Penguin Cup:
As you can see, Sharks won by quite a bit. 181 million???
And now onto the awesome news. And that is the Awesome Club Penguiner Award being given to Sajo8! Sajo8 has a YouTube channel for Club Penguin, a blog for CP, and is an author on many other Club Penguin blogs! He is an all-around awesome guy, so why not give this award to him? Oh wait, did I mention he just recently hit 1,000 pageviews on his blog? It's true! Here you go, Sajo8!
*All the links to his pages are right below this text.
His YouTube channel: Sajo8 in CP
His Blog: Sajo8 in CP
Waddles26813's Wonderful Cheats for CP (he's an author): Waddles26813
CP Fashion and Furniture (he's an author): CP Fashion & Furniture

See how many sites he's contributed to? This is why I just HAD to give him the award. Anyways, that's all the updates for today. Waddle On!
-CP Power

Friday, June 27, 2014

Updates for June 26, 2014 [IMAGES NOT INCLUDED]

Hey guys. Today's post is going to be a little different. I'm experiencing some...err, technical difficulties in the last two days, which is why I'm late for updates again (for what, like the 5th time???) and why this week's updates will remain image-less. Now you're probably wondering "Oh but CP Power, how will we get the updates without your images?". I'll try to show the as best as I can. And if that's not enough for you, the you can go to freaking Saraapril instead for your updates! (sorry Saraapril, I have plenty of respect for you) Anyways, with that all out of the way, let's get to the updates.

(""= me commenting)

First Update-Club Penguin Times Issue #453!
Headline: Penguin Cup Finals!
"Yep, get ready to give it your all, teams, because your time for scoring points for your team is coming to an end."
Newsflash: Rumblings heard in the Gold Mine-could it be the machine under the sheet?
"Oh man! Don't go to high up or too low underground because we may be experiencing some earthquakes soon!"
Ask Rookie: What if my team doesn't win? -D. Fender
Second Story headline: Penguin Cup After Party!
"Aw yeah Cadence! I'm ready for the party! Are you guys?"
[Upcoming Events not included in this post]
Comics: [Not included due to lack of images]
Jokes: [Too long and boring to type]
Secrets: Team HQ Secrets
"Wait a minute-Oh shoot. Now the other teams know that that isn't our real plan! But who's idea was it to hide it underwater?"

Second Update-EPF Message from Rookie!
Message: JPG always says the EPF needs to stay in shape. So let's all join the Penguin Cup! Yay baseball!
"Um...The Penguin Cup is soccer (football), Rookie. Not sure how he could have got that wrong..."

Get your game together guys! I know I shouldn't be supporting another team, when I'm clearly on the Sharks, but we're going to win anyways, so whatevs. There are only a couple days left, guys! You've gotta get back into the game! I was expecting you guys to get 3rd, but Fluffies right now are about 1,000 points ahead! Once you read this, they'll probably be much farther ahead! So get your game together and score some freaking points!

Anyways, that's all the time I have for now. See you next time! (hopefully with images!)
-CP Power

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Updates for June 19, 2014-MY GRAD PARTAY!!!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry I'm super late with the updates, on Thursday I finally graduated from elementary school, on Friday it was the first day of summer vacation, and yesterday I got a new cat! His name is Clover, and I can't wait to get the puffle version of him on CP! Anyways, with my excuses all out of the way, let's just get to the updates.

First Update-Penguin Cup Party!
You can root for your favorite team during games...
...but make sure to grab a snack first!
In the past few days I was able to go on CP and play, just not the blog. Sharks are currently winning by a landslide, and somehow Fluffies were able to overcome Space Squids; probably due to Daffodaily5 announcing herself  captain of the Fluffies and the laziness of Megg's team. No offence to any of the Squids, but you've gotta stop designing hoodies and show up to games!
I also have to pamper myself up since the interviewers are going crazy for a chance to interview an awesome player/blogger/YouTuber/all-around awesome guy!
Second Update-Club Penguin Times Issue #452!
I have to take the time to say this one thing to all the penguins I've played against so far-Good game.
Every team is doing amazingly impressive so far.
Third Update-EPF Message from Jet Pack Guy!
Alright JPG, we'll try our best, but I heard Rookie is going to be helping with some of the experiments, so don't expect a silent and/or clean HQ.
Anyways, that's all the updates for this week. Stay tuned for more news on the Penguin Cup-possibly the winning team! *cough* Sharks *cough* So, for now, bye!
-CP Power
Wait! Sorry about that, I forgot one more thing. I just realized that today, I forgot to show up to my own 10 subs party! Sorry 'bout that. Y'know what? I think I'll just wait to celebrate 25 subs. Or maybe I'll just change the date. Let me know in the comments here or on the video letting me know which I should do. The most suggested option will happen, but hurry, because I'll only be accepting suggestions for a week (which means until June 29)! Anyways, bye guys (for real this time)
-CP Power
Okay sorry, I was just messing with you. Bye!
-CP Power

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Updates: June 12, 2014 | Graduation, Prom, soccer, & more!

Hey everyone! Here are the updates for June 12, 2014!

Update #1- Club Penguin Times Issue #451!
CPSN, Ask Franky, & Rockhopper's Ship Talk!
Update #2- EPF Message from Gary!
I bet CP Power 18.6 could recognize those parts super easily!
Update #3- CPU Prom & Graduation!

Took a ride in the limo to go to...
The Prom and the Graduation Ceremony where I get my diploma!
Update #4-Furniture & Igloo Catalog June 2014!
Get ready for the Penguin Cup with all the equipment in the new catalog!
Update #5-New Igloo Music!
You know what that means-Episode 3 of ACPM! *And yes, Penguin Cup Anthem might be in the episode (let's keep this between us, ok?).
Update #6-Stadium getting ready for the big game!
Yep, I'm playing for the Sharks this year. You're going DOWN, Hot Sauce!
Anyways, that's it for this week's updates. Now I have a few words for some people in the CP community right now.
To the Sharks-Guys, we can totally win this! Train as much as you can in the next week!
To CPU students-Find a date for Prom, and happy graduation!
To CPSN reporters-Anyone want to interview me?
To Gary-If you open up the Time Portal, I can get CP Power 18.6 to analyze those parts.
To Hot Sauce, Space Squids, and Fluffies-Get ready to taste defeat!

Anyways, stay tuned to my channel for the next Awesome CP Music! Bye guys!
-CP Power

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Updates for June 5, 2014

Hey everyone! Now that the portal was closed, CP Power 18.6 has left back to his time. And of course I had to help him with his bags, which is why I'm two days late for the updates. Sorry about that. Also, if you follow my Youtube channel, CP Power, you'll know that my new gaming channel, FlamingSwordsGames, is finally released! Check later today for a gaming video. Anyways, with all that out of the way, let's get down to business with the updates of June 5, 2014!

Update #1-Penguin Style June 2014
Club Penguin's getting ready for the FIFA 2014 World Cup!
Update #2-Snow & Sports June 2014
Like I said, they're ready for the soccer season!
Update #3-Club Penguin Times Issue #450
Man, everything this week seems to be about soccer, huh?
Update #4-EPF Message from Jet Pack Guy
I have to agree with JPG. Every agent who helped fight in the war has done a great job and saved our island. Thank you.
Anyways, those are all the updates for this week! Although next week will be much more exciting; with the Penguin Cup and the CPU Prom! So get on your cleats and get a team together, or find an outfit and a date. Waddle On!
-CP Power