Thursday, May 22, 2014

Updates-From the future?!? May 22, 2014

Hi everyone! This very special post is special for 2 reasons:
1. A very VERY special shoutout to my dog Ruby (the one in real life)! Today is her 2nd birthday (in human years) and I wanted to take some time to play with her before making this post.
2. This post comes from the future. That's right. I am CP Power version 18.6, coming to the past to bring you today's updates. The original CP Power wanted to spend his day with his dog, so I'm filling in for him. And srory if my sleplnig inst good, I'm new to the egnilsh lengauge.

Anyways, onto the updates.

First update-The Future Party!
When you first log on, Gary 3000 will greet you and you will get the EPF (Extra-Planetary Federation) Badge and a Cadet Jetpack as you can see I am wearing. You will be spawned in the Snow Forts in the future where you can visit Space Igloos and go back to 2014. Or, you are welcome to explore the island of the future, but I won't show images of those areas.
Second update-CP Times Issue #104448!
My (CP Power v18.6) favorite section of the newspaper is always Island Rumors. I just love me some mystery!
Third update-An EPF (Elite Penguin Force) Message from Gary!
Good thing those 2014-dwellers had you there to keep them safe while they come to our time! Thanks, original Gary!
Fourth update-New Item Catalog!
Unlock futuristic (well, present for me) items from blasing meteors with our robo-suits!
Anyways, I need to head back to the future now. Have fun with our high-tech environment, and make sure to check out the Dance Dome where DJ Space Squid can show you what's up! Have a nice stay at our time!
*CP Power 18.6