Thursday, May 29, 2014

Updates for May 29, 2014

Hlelo pgneinus! It's me, CP Power 18.6, gvinig you the udptaes for May 29, 2014, wichh in my tmie, is November 21, 4069 ( CP Power of your time did the math, don't worry).

Hey everyone! I had to take over from here with CP Power 18.6 since the English language is really hard for him. But what he said was true-The confirmed date of the future party is 11/14/4069-11/26/4069. Anyways, on to the updates for this week.

First Update: Ultimate Protobot 10K Attacking! AHHHH!!!!!!!
My prefered Robo is the green/black O' Blaster. Also, do you have any idea what its like to fight the robots and meteors with only one person? It's harder than it sounds!
After you defeat UP10K, you are reawarded with a head and body item of him. Trick your friends into thinking they are actually battling UP10K! *results may vary

Second Update: CP Times Issue #104449!
Calling all Extra Planetary Federation and Elite Penguin Force agents!
Third Update: EPF Message from Director!
Um...No one told me about any secret. Am I the only one who doesn't know???
Anyways, those are all the updates for today. See you guys next time! CP Power 18.6, do you want to end us out? Srue, CP Power! Bye ereyvnoe!
-CP Power & CP Power 18.6