Friday, May 16, 2014

Updates for May 15, 2014 (Sorry Im late...again...)

Hey guys! Sorry I'm late with this post again. I've been caught up in other things, just trying to do the things I want in life, y'know? But anyways, let's get onto the updates.
First update-There's a new Furniture & Igloo Catalog!
Doesn't this look awesome? Well, it's even more interesting inside! If I can get a comment on this post, I'll make a cool igloo and show it to you guys.
Second update-An EPF Message from the Director!
Don't worry Director. I'll make sure all agents are prepared!
Third update (can you tell my new style of update posts?)-CP Times Issue #447!

That heading brings us into the next update:
Fourth update-A Time Portal in the Snow Forts!?!
Gary's building this Time Portal to help Gary 3000 save the island in the future from Protobot. Be prepared agents!
Fifth update- New igloo soundtrack!
You guys know what that means-Episode 2 of Awesome CP Music coming out on my Youtube channel CP Power!
That's all the updates for this week! Again, I'm sorry about being late this week and last week, and I hope you're not mad. Also, I think you'll all enjoy this new form of listing the updates. I feel this makes it much neater. So anyways, have a nice rest of your day, and be sure to check out my Youtube channel, CP Power for a new episode of Awesome CP Music. Bye guys!
-CP Power