Monday, May 12, 2014

Someone Quit CP?

Hey everyone. So I was just playing Club Penguin, and someone I had met said he quit CP. I need to find out why.
So here's how it played out:
It all started on Youtube. I saw that one of the channels I subscribed to had a new video (BTW he was Vailskibum94, or Oscar One as you may know him). So I went to the video and had a comment I felt I needed to post. But my computer sucks, and it can't post comments on Youtube videos (I have no idea why). But anyways, I thought I would go on CP while I waited for it to load (I still had some hope that it would work). I spawned in the Town, obviously, and saw this group of people dressed as Mario characters and decided I wanted to join too. I looked over all the characters and thought I should do Toad (all the easier ones were taken). So I went to my igloo to change, then I joined their group. After a while, the Luigi said we should all go to his igloo, so we did. After a while more (I don't feel like getting too deep into the details) we were running low on people (we had a Toad, or me, a Peach, a Daisy, a Wario, a Yoshi, and the Luigi), so Luigi said that he would go to the Town to get more people. After the Yoshi had to go, I decided I should be Mario, so I did. After a little longer, Luigi came back and said, and I quote, "DONE. I QUIT CP." Weird, right? I knew  no one would ever just quit Club Penguin without any reason. So then I decided to investigate. I went to the Town to try to find anything out-of-the-ordinary things, but all I could find that was unaverage was a large group of squids. I know those used to annoy me, but they're nothing to quit CP over. So I ask you, why do you think he quit? Leave you suggestions in the comments below. Waddle On!
-CP Power