Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 8, 2014 Updates (Sorry I was late with this one)

Hey everyone! Man, it's been over a week since this post. Sorry I missed the updates on Thursday, but I'm here today to show you them! So first up, we have a new play at the Stage!
Man, Space Adventure Planet "Y" was a classic play. Also, shoutout to Arden 8.
Next up, we have a new Penguin Style catalog!
That Fish Gown looks hilarious!
Also the Throwback Party has ended. So if you missed that, then that's too bad. The hats there were awesome.
Back to the boring old dock...
Next we have a new issue of the CP Times, Issue #446!
Looks like you had fun Gary!
And finally, we have a new EPF Message from Gary, also having to do with his trip to the future.
Oh man! If he found a Protobot power signature, then we're in trouble!
Anyways, there was all the updates for May 8, 2014, and again, I'm sorry that I did it 2 days late, I just was so busy with school and other stuff. See you guys next week for more updates! Bye!
-CP Power