Thursday, May 29, 2014

Updates for May 29, 2014

Hlelo pgneinus! It's me, CP Power 18.6, gvinig you the udptaes for May 29, 2014, wichh in my tmie, is November 21, 4069 ( CP Power of your time did the math, don't worry).

Hey everyone! I had to take over from here with CP Power 18.6 since the English language is really hard for him. But what he said was true-The confirmed date of the future party is 11/14/4069-11/26/4069. Anyways, on to the updates for this week.

First Update: Ultimate Protobot 10K Attacking! AHHHH!!!!!!!
My prefered Robo is the green/black O' Blaster. Also, do you have any idea what its like to fight the robots and meteors with only one person? It's harder than it sounds!
After you defeat UP10K, you are reawarded with a head and body item of him. Trick your friends into thinking they are actually battling UP10K! *results may vary

Second Update: CP Times Issue #104449!
Calling all Extra Planetary Federation and Elite Penguin Force agents!
Third Update: EPF Message from Director!
Um...No one told me about any secret. Am I the only one who doesn't know???
Anyways, those are all the updates for today. See you guys next time! CP Power 18.6, do you want to end us out? Srue, CP Power! Bye ereyvnoe!
-CP Power & CP Power 18.6

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Congrats On Finishing High School Trainman1405!

Hi guys! As you may have heard if you follow CPMemories, Trainman1405, the owner of said blog, has recently graduated from High School! So I'm saying, congrats Trainman1405! I hope you have a wonderful Graduation, Summer Vacation, and College years!
CP Power

That's all I really have to say. Bye!
-CP Power

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hey everyone, it's CP Power, with a quick announcement. Today I have added a Saraapril Banner on the blog. If you don't know who Saraapril is, she's a Club Penguin Blogger like me. Here's the link to her site: Saraapril
Anyways, I also kind of feel the need to give her an Amazing Club Penguiner Award for the amazing blog she has been blogging with since 2008, and her extreme dedication to make sure there are no updates with CP at all missed. So, here it is, Saraapril. You're welcome.
Congratulations and thank you, Saraapril!
Anyways, check out her blog and stay tuned for posts on mine as well. Waddle On!
-CP Power

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day & Item Adders

Happy Memorial Day all my readers from the US! I'm having a great day so far, what about you? Anyways, I wanted to give an Awesome Club Penguiner Award out to someone who has benefited a lot of players in one way or another. I don't know his actual penguin name, but his name on his website is Mike. Mike and King58697 run a CP Blog called Penguin Lodge. Here's the link: Penguin Lodge
Anyways, I chose Mike and not King58697 because they each play a special role on their site. King58697 posts about things in Club Penguin, but Mike posts about and creates their Programs. And these amazing Programs are:

  • Money Maker (100 minimum-15,000 maximum at at time)
  • Item Adder (10 at a time)
  • Furniture Adder ( up to 10 of each item-ten items at a time) (just recently created)
  • Igloo Adder (1 at a time)
  • Fair Ticket Adder (100 minimum-15,000 maximum at at time) (currently down since Fair 2014 has ended)
So now you can clearly see what I meant by "many penguins benefited". So anyways, onto the award. Here you go, Mike:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Updates-From the future?!? May 22, 2014

Hi everyone! This very special post is special for 2 reasons:
1. A very VERY special shoutout to my dog Ruby (the one in real life)! Today is her 2nd birthday (in human years) and I wanted to take some time to play with her before making this post.
2. This post comes from the future. That's right. I am CP Power version 18.6, coming to the past to bring you today's updates. The original CP Power wanted to spend his day with his dog, so I'm filling in for him. And srory if my sleplnig inst good, I'm new to the egnilsh lengauge.

Anyways, onto the updates.

First update-The Future Party!
When you first log on, Gary 3000 will greet you and you will get the EPF (Extra-Planetary Federation) Badge and a Cadet Jetpack as you can see I am wearing. You will be spawned in the Snow Forts in the future where you can visit Space Igloos and go back to 2014. Or, you are welcome to explore the island of the future, but I won't show images of those areas.
Second update-CP Times Issue #104448!
My (CP Power v18.6) favorite section of the newspaper is always Island Rumors. I just love me some mystery!
Third update-An EPF (Elite Penguin Force) Message from Gary!
Good thing those 2014-dwellers had you there to keep them safe while they come to our time! Thanks, original Gary!
Fourth update-New Item Catalog!
Unlock futuristic (well, present for me) items from blasing meteors with our robo-suits!
Anyways, I need to head back to the future now. Have fun with our high-tech environment, and make sure to check out the Dance Dome where DJ Space Squid can show you what's up! Have a nice stay at our time!
*CP Power 18.6

Friday, May 16, 2014

Updates for May 15, 2014 (Sorry Im late...again...)

Hey guys! Sorry I'm late with this post again. I've been caught up in other things, just trying to do the things I want in life, y'know? But anyways, let's get onto the updates.
First update-There's a new Furniture & Igloo Catalog!
Doesn't this look awesome? Well, it's even more interesting inside! If I can get a comment on this post, I'll make a cool igloo and show it to you guys.
Second update-An EPF Message from the Director!
Don't worry Director. I'll make sure all agents are prepared!
Third update (can you tell my new style of update posts?)-CP Times Issue #447!

That heading brings us into the next update:
Fourth update-A Time Portal in the Snow Forts!?!
Gary's building this Time Portal to help Gary 3000 save the island in the future from Protobot. Be prepared agents!
Fifth update- New igloo soundtrack!
You guys know what that means-Episode 2 of Awesome CP Music coming out on my Youtube channel CP Power!
That's all the updates for this week! Again, I'm sorry about being late this week and last week, and I hope you're not mad. Also, I think you'll all enjoy this new form of listing the updates. I feel this makes it much neater. So anyways, have a nice rest of your day, and be sure to check out my Youtube channel, CP Power for a new episode of Awesome CP Music. Bye guys!
-CP Power

Monday, May 12, 2014

Someone Quit CP?

Hey everyone. So I was just playing Club Penguin, and someone I had met said he quit CP. I need to find out why.
So here's how it played out:
It all started on Youtube. I saw that one of the channels I subscribed to had a new video (BTW he was Vailskibum94, or Oscar One as you may know him). So I went to the video and had a comment I felt I needed to post. But my computer sucks, and it can't post comments on Youtube videos (I have no idea why). But anyways, I thought I would go on CP while I waited for it to load (I still had some hope that it would work). I spawned in the Town, obviously, and saw this group of people dressed as Mario characters and decided I wanted to join too. I looked over all the characters and thought I should do Toad (all the easier ones were taken). So I went to my igloo to change, then I joined their group. After a while, the Luigi said we should all go to his igloo, so we did. After a while more (I don't feel like getting too deep into the details) we were running low on people (we had a Toad, or me, a Peach, a Daisy, a Wario, a Yoshi, and the Luigi), so Luigi said that he would go to the Town to get more people. After the Yoshi had to go, I decided I should be Mario, so I did. After a little longer, Luigi came back and said, and I quote, "DONE. I QUIT CP." Weird, right? I knew  no one would ever just quit Club Penguin without any reason. So then I decided to investigate. I went to the Town to try to find anything out-of-the-ordinary things, but all I could find that was unaverage was a large group of squids. I know those used to annoy me, but they're nothing to quit CP over. So I ask you, why do you think he quit? Leave you suggestions in the comments below. Waddle On!
-CP Power

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 8, 2014 Updates (Sorry I was late with this one)

Hey everyone! Man, it's been over a week since this post. Sorry I missed the updates on Thursday, but I'm here today to show you them! So first up, we have a new play at the Stage!
Man, Space Adventure Planet "Y" was a classic play. Also, shoutout to Arden 8.
Next up, we have a new Penguin Style catalog!
That Fish Gown looks hilarious!
Also the Throwback Party has ended. So if you missed that, then that's too bad. The hats there were awesome.
Back to the boring old dock...
Next we have a new issue of the CP Times, Issue #446!
Looks like you had fun Gary!
And finally, we have a new EPF Message from Gary, also having to do with his trip to the future.
Oh man! If he found a Protobot power signature, then we're in trouble!
Anyways, there was all the updates for May 8, 2014, and again, I'm sorry that I did it 2 days late, I just was so busy with school and other stuff. See you guys next week for more updates! Bye!
-CP Power

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014 Updates!

Hey everyone! I'm here with some more updates, so let's get it started! :D
Okay, first up, we have the Throwback Party!!!!
Me and Mac at the Funny Hat Week decorated dock! That fish hat is hilarious :)
You can get 6 items from the party. Here is a list of the items:
The Sleepy Head
The Mullet-This is the one I'm wearing in the image
The Plunge
Donut Conqueror-One of my favorites :)
Salami Sun Hat
Funny Hat Week Background

But enough about the one-room party. On to the bigger stuff, like CP Times Issue #445! (Wow, they're getting close to 500!)
That's good to hear! But look at that header down below. Doesn't sound too good.
Next we have a new EPF Message from Rookie!
Good to hear, Rookie! But, with Rookie, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. A LOT...
And finally, we have the Stage!
Battle of the Ancient Shadow comes back with the stage since the Puffle Party has ended.
That's all I have for this week! See you guys next time! Bye!!!!
-CP Power