Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pin Tracker!

Hello penguins!
Last night, CP Universe got it's very own Pin Tracker! :D
Well, I wouldn't exactly say "very own". The tracker was created by Trainman1405 over at; which also brings us to our second Shoutout to Trainman1405! Trainman, if you're seeing this, everyone over at CP Universe would like to give you a thank-you for creating the Pin Tracker and having such an amazing blog. You were one of the many people that inspired the creation of this blog; and for that, I thank you and hereby reward you with our first ever Amazing Club Penguiner Award!
Congratulations, Trainman1405! :D

Also, it was confirmed that the No Furniture Item Names Bug wasn't a bug, it was really a new thing in Club Penguin. And the Quests were also confirmed to being already released to new penguins, and has just recently been released to members.