Friday, April 25, 2014

More Updates!

Hi guys! So, yesterday, I forgot to mention a new update. And that update is the new Puffles! Catalog (yes, that "!" after "Puffles" is in the actual name of the catalog)!

So the Food page has been updated by adding Shrimp and Biscuit Treats as well as making all foods for all penguins (I think they might have already been available to everyone before this update, but whatever).

I'll get Mac some of those Biscuits! He'll love it!
And they also added yet another Puffle Hat page, with, of course, 4 new hats.
That 4 Quart Pot is hilarious!
So yeah, this was the update I missed. Anyways, see you tomorrow! Or the next day, or maybe the day after that... I don't really know when my next post or video will be. But anyways, bye!
-CP Power