Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CP Illuminati

Hi guys! This is a short, random, but still pretty cool post. Lately I've been seeing things around the internet about Club Penguin and Disney being controlled by Illuminati. I think that's all fake, but then I started thinking: What if there was a group of CP players who were part of the Illuminati, which inspired me to make this image:
The Club Penguin Illuminati
That's pretty much all I have to say. Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Earlier today, I got a new dog puffle named Ruby! This one is actually based off of my dog that I have right now, and Mac and Matty were based off of pets I used to have. The story of how Matty got her name was that one day, on Christmas, we heard meowing at our door. We opened up the front door and Matty was siting there on the Welcome Mat. But anyways, have a good rest of your day! Bye!!!!!
-CP Power