Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 17 Updates: Part 4

It's crazy how many updates we have today! Anyways, back to the updates.
Next we have Puffle Tricks!
Heart: Snuggle
Lines: Speak
Arrow1: Move to the side and back
Arrow w/ Puffle: Roll over
Arrow2: Roll to the side and back
Arrow3: Spinning jump
Money bag: Dig for treasure
At the beach, you can get a free item.
Item: Lavender Bunny Ears
There's still one more update, and that is the Treehouse Igloos!
Go to the Snow Forts, and you will see this pop up if you go to the ladder. From there, you can go to anyone's Treehouse Igloo!

That's all the updates for today. I know, there were a lot. But anyways, I'll see you next time penguins! Waddle On! -Power